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Interview Candidates in 3 Easy Steps

Create Targeted Interview Questionnaires

We make it incredibly simple to design your interview so that you get the information and reactions you need in order to make a careful, intelligent candidate decision and ensure that you get the right person for the job.

With your own custom questions for the interview, you can guide the conversation precisely where you want it to go without wasting time on unnecessary questions. If you don’t have the time or the need for custom questions, you can choose from our library of questionnaires. We have a huge range of interview topics and questions, so your interview will be just as effective as if you wrote the questions yourself.

All candidates will be asked the same questions in the same order as specified, giving you a uniform response pool that allows you to judge candidates on a level playing field. Whatever your position and whatever information you need to assemble, our service allows you to create the most effective interview experience with the greatest amount of ease and convenience.

Easy-to-Distribute Interview Questionnaire

Forget the past. In the past Interviews were a nightmare of logistics: You advertised, received resumes, spent hours or even days reviewing them and sorting them into different responses, then more time contacting applicants and scheduling interviews. People cancelled, failed to show up, or begged for rescheduling. And after all of that effort sometimes not a single candidate shone through as the perfect fit for the position.

Welcome to the future: We make it easy. Once you’ve set up your interview and created or chosen your question list, we do the rest. Send us your list of Applicants using our simple, easy-to-use web form, and we take of the rest. No sorting, no phone calls, no wasted time with no-show interviewees or requests for a reschedule.

What you do with the extra time you gain from choosing the future is up to you.

Convenient Review Process

The secret to efficiency is control: You need to be in charge of when, where, and how things happen. In the old model, interviews happened when they were scheduled no matter what your day was like – and you could never anticipate that Interview Day would take a left turn and become your busiest day of the year – you had no control.

With our video interview process, we hand control back to you. Applicants submit their interviews by being walked through a series of question screens after turning on their webcams. We capture their responses and store the videos on our server for your review. When that review occurs is entirely up to you. If your day gets out of hand, there’s no appointment to reschedule, no problem at all – log on any time to review your candidates. Pause the process any time you want, and get back to it at a later moment of your choosing.

Interviewing is supposed to be empowering. We give you back control over your time and day.

solutions and features

Canned Interview questionnaires

Don’t have time to craft a bespoke interview for your position? We have a large library of complete pre-canned interviews that cover the basics for any position and guarantee to assist in your candidate search by providing guided insights to each candidate’s personality and skill set.

Interview Questionnaire Bank

The middle ground between custom questions and a pre-canned interview is to choose from our library of questions to create a semi-custom interview that takes only moments to create but includes the specific queries you require to make your decisions.

Confidentiality of the questions

Your questions are held in complete, 100% confidence on our secure servers and are never shared with anyone outside of your interview pool. We never add customer questions to our library. If you take the time to write a question or create a unique interview by assembling pre-written questions in a custom manner, we protect those assets.

Interview Questionnaire types:

Your interview can be whatever the position and your company culture requires. We can help you create our standard video interview that allows you to replicate the face-to-face experience. We can disseminate a text-only interview that allows candidates to offer more thought-out and considered responses via text. We can create scale-based interviews where responses are in the form of a position on a range.

In fact, whatever interview strategy you wish to implement, we can automate the process and make it more convenient, secure, and efficient.

Sharing of the Interview

Once an interview is completed in any form, we store the results on our secure server. You are in charge of when the interviews are reviewed, who reviews them, and how often an interview is played back. It’s all at your convenience and on your schedule.

This process makes it simple for the hiring team to collaborate no matter what their work, travel, or home schedule is. Everyone can leave their feedback and thoughts at their convenience for review by other members of the team.

Grading of the interviews

We make grading interviews easier and more scientific because we take the subjectivity out of it. Memories can’t always be relied upon, but the interviews we manage can be reviewed over and over again. Exact responses can be noted as opposed to vague recollections. Every aspect of the interview can be examined and dissected at length, allowing for a more considered response than if the interview was a moment in time remembered slightly differently by all members of the hiring team.