EEOC Compliance

The EEOC maintains that regardless of the media and technology used to recruit future employees, it's ever important for employers to strive to make their processes discrimination-proof as best they can. To quote: "Employers and recruiters should continue to structure their recruitment and selection processes to be nondiscriminatory and to consistently focus on the job qualifications of all job seekers, regardless of technology or of the information available by virtue of that technology.”


Job Recruiting

Finding the right candidates can be grueling. End the rounds of endless interviews which often go overtime. Refrek can help hone your recruiting process by making it more time-efficient and streamlined. Time control and make your process more effective by making your questions more targeted by utilizing our time-controlled video/audio capabilities. Interview many candidates without taking time out of your day. Have the ability to select or create only the most pertinent questions. Watch the taped interviews at your own and your team's convenience, making it more effective and less intrusive to your day's schedule. Bring your company and institution into the modern world with our video time-controlled interviews, and find the best qualified people for your organization today!

College admission

Student recruitment can be costly. By using our time-controlled video/audio capabilities you can cut costs dramatically, and make your recruitment process 100 times more efficient. Invite candidates via email, have them answer predetermined questions, and view their interviews at your team's convenience. It's that simple. Our process allows you to interview more candidates, more efficiently in a given time frame in more streamlined fashion. You're in control at all times. Teams are able to view, review and assess candidates at their own pace without having to sacrifice time out of their day. Our thorough process helps ensure that students are genuine in their answers and that you are selecting only those candidates that meet your standards. Check it out today and utilize a more cost effective method to recruit students.

Customer Survey

Understand how your clients think by using our interview process. Simply assign a few questions and invite them to share their thoughts with you. Our video/audio capabilities will more accurately convey to you their ideas by allowing you to see their facial expressions and reactions to each of your questions. Get more effective results from your customer surveys and therefore a better return on your investment. What can you lose as our services are 100% FREE. Your customer responses are viewable at your convenience, at any time, by you alone or a team of individuals -- to review and assess. Your clients are your best resource. Now is your chance to tap into their thoughts with a more effective customer survey.

safe and secure

Refrek is protected by using 256-bit SSL encryption. We also ensure you that if you choose then an interview questionnaire loaded into our database is kept confidential. Further, in accordance with our company policies, all answers by candidates in response to an interview questionnaires are also kept confidential in accordance with the laws of the state in which they are conducted.